G.O.'s who supervise childrens of Baby Club Med*, Petit Club Med* and Mini Club Med all have experience in supervising young children, depending on the age of the children to be supervised. Quality standards regulate the care of children under 6 years of age: in particular the respect of ratios of number of children per G.O. No derogation will be granted to receive a child over this quota. To ensure optimal safety for your children, one G.O. is never alone and is assisted by other G.O.'s when necessary, while strict standards and operating rules ensure optimal safety: - liaison booklet to make the link with the parents (report of the day, arrival and departure time of the child); - wearing a bracelet to identify children under the G.O care; - French and American standards for the equipment of children's clubs (safety glass); - presence of a nurse in the Mini Club Med Resorts, a paediatrician in the Baby Club Med Resorts. - There is no nurse or doctor present at Club Med Sandpiper Bay.
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