Ahead of your departure, go to your doctor or local community service center to ensure that all your vaccinations are up to date according to your destination. We also invite you to visit the Public Health Agency of the US website, which provides country-specific health information regularly updated: Finally, a list of travel clinics is available on the website of the International Society of Travel Medicine: Scuba diving: In accordance with the PADI procedures (adult and child) adopted by Club Med, you will be asked to complete a medical self-assessment questionnaire before diving. We recommend that you present it before you leave to your doctor who will help you complete it. A positive answer to a question on this form, which will be given to you by the dive centre, may call into question your ability. You should then consult a diving doctor on site who will ultimately determine, and without appeal, your diving ability. In addition, for any passage from a diploma higher than CMAS 1 star or equivalent, a medical certificate of no contraindication to scuba diving, issued less than one year ago by a doctor competent in underwater diving medicine (diving doctor or hyperbaric doctor or approved by a scuba diving federation) will be required. The documents required and the conditions determined above are also necessary for so-called non-Club Med diving, i.e. diving carried out by external service providers. Medical examinations are at your expense.